Why buy from us?

It's a good question. Why part with your hard earned cash for one of our (admittedly awesome) shirts or hoodies?

Well, we like to think there are many reasons - but here are just a few (and if you have more - feel free to write us a nice 5* review on Trustpilot!) and if you think there are fewer - then drop us a note at sales@bobbybriskets.com and we can find out what wasn't up to scratch for you!

Our designs are awesome - and all original!

We don't sell shirts that other people do. We either design our shirts ourselves (95% of our range is an original Bobby Briskets design) or we work with people we love to sell their things for them exclusively - like the awesome Smashburger range!

We use quality gear to print with, and on! 

Ok, so our shirts aren't the cheapest - because that would mean we would have to use crappy, sub par garments.

For many reasons, we don't want to do that. We use Gildan tees and hoodies as our garments because they're consistent in quality and take printing really well, giving us a great end product.  

We also love our amazing printers. Believe us - when you're printing shirts to order with Direct to Garment printing - it's not all the same! We've seen some really dodgy printing in our time and we don't want it associated with us. Our printers in LA operate with the most up to date DTG printers that gives the MOST quality print that we've seen. Check out our reviews if you don't believe us. And if it's not up to your standards then keep reading my friend... 

We stand by our products

We really don't know why you wouldn't, but...if you don't like your shirt or hoodie, for any reason - then drop us a line here and we have a 60 Day no fuss returns policy. Even if you've worn it every day for 59 days, never washed it and eat like a slob...we'll take it back. Can't say fairer than that. 

You're supporting a small business

Yep, that's right - we went there. We're playing the small business card. We're a small team (right now just two of us plus our awesome printers) so you're helping us, our families and our local businesses where we then spend money when you buy from us. When something isn't right, you deal with us, not a machine or someone in a far away land (unless you're in a far away land) - it's most likely to be Alex, our founder, and he cares...a lot. So you'll get looked after. 

So, please buy with confidence, we hope you like what you see and tell your friends about us if you do!


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