Who we are

Hey! We're so glad that you dropped by our little corner of paradise to say hello.

We're Alex and Stacy (a dude!), a couple of friends who love cooking and eating and met through BBQ. We're the founders of Bobby Brisket's.

Here at Bobby Brisket's we love all foods and cuisines, but one stands out amongst all, the sweet, savoury, sticky, tender and always delicious food that is Barbecue. 

We love to eat it, cook it, compete with it, talk about it, listen to stories about it and generally spend time with others around the grill, smoker or open fire. As long as you can cook it using charcoal, wood or flame, we're there. 

We also like to show our love for BBQ with what we wear, but we couldn't find a good quality regular supply of great BBQ t-shirts, Hoodies for those chillier winter nights when, as Bobby likes to say "the air rolls down from the hills and makes it snappier than an angry 'Gator," - so we thought we'd have to make our own!

We use only quality Gildan clothing to bring our designs to you because they're the best quality and align with loads of our values. Because we know that some of you may reside in parts close by, but others live in some of the farther flung places on this great green and blue planet that we call home, please let us know if we don't ship to you but you'd still like to order and we'll see what can be done!

Alex & Stacy - Bobby Briskets!

See, we told you Stacy was a guy!