Ok, this is the important stuff so that you get what you want first time without any hassles and we want to see a big ol' smile on your dial when you get that packet filled with Bobby Brisket love and goodness.

What shirts do you use?
We use Gildan 2000 for all our base garments. We love that they have great quality and colour and make the designs look awesome!  

What do I need to know about ordering from you?

We print all our shirts & hoodies to order. Please make sure you order the right colour and size as we don't hold stock so can't swap out for you unless there's been a mistake on our side. 

Sometimes, some products aren't available due to logistics issues so if that's the case please drop us a line at sales@bobbybriskets.com and we'll try to advise you as best as possible. 

We print & ship all our products from Los Angeles, USA. If you live in Australia or New Zealand - hop over to www.bobbybriskets.co.nz to order a little closer to home.

What colors do you do?

We have spent time making sure you have a great range of color options with our designs so you can get the shirt you want. Not every BBQ shirt has to be black we believe! (though black always looks great too!)

We've given a range of colors for each shirt that we think go great together for you to choose from. If you really want a color that we haven't put up there - drop us a line with what you're looking for and we'll see if we can help you out. 

From time to time certain colors won't be available in certain sizes, so please bear with us!  

What are your sizes?
This is important stuff, so we have put sizing charts for you on every product. Our charts are all in Imperial (inches). Our sizes run between S-5XL for most things. For our Female cut shirts they run XSM-2XL and kids shirts are by approximate size to age.  


We ship globally but if you're in Australia or NZ, please jump over to www.bobbybriskets.co.nz and we'll get you sorted from there.

Please double check you've entered your address correctly as we won't be liable for lost packages due to incorrect address labelling. 

Shipping will be calculated at checkout on a scale based on order weights. If you're in the USA and purchase over $100 - then great news, your shipping is free!


I ordered the wrong size / colour / design

Now, we don't think you'll ever be unhappy with your purchase, but if you are, for whatever reason we have a no-fuss 60 day returns policy. 

Just let us know with a message via returns@bobbybriskets.com and we'll let you know how to proceed. Just note that returns are at your cost for shipping.

My garment is damaged or not printed correctly

Now, whilst these things sometimes happen it's certainly not what Bobby wants to hear! Please send us a message HERE and attach a photo of the garment and we will get you sorted right out. 

The colour of my shirt doesn't exactly match the colour on the screen!

This is normal. The colours that get presented on a screen will always be a little brighter and impactful due to how computer screens are made and are usually backlit. 

Are your prices in my local currency?

Now that's a great question, our standard pricing in in US dollars, but if you're able to be identified as being in a particular country we should have asked you if you want to see local prices! These prices are set based on current exchange rates, so may fluctuate a bit. 

I have an issue - somethings missing!

Please send us a message HERE with the following information

Your name, order number and the missing item. We'll get that all sorted!

My package arrived and somethings damaged

Now, that is not what we want to hear at all, but let's get you sorted.

Please send us a message HERE and attach a photo of the garment and we will get you sorted right out. 

Where's my package, it's been a while?

We expect that you should get your package a week to ten days at the most in the domestic USA. If it's been longer than that then please go ahead and contact us at sales@bobbybriskets.com and we'll get it solved.

I love my shirt and want to wear it all the time but I should probably wash it right?

We love that you could live in your shirt, but yes, to avoid getting some funny looks and people assuming that you're asking for spare change when you go out due to the smell and the stains, you should wash that shirt. We recommend a warm wash (mixed fabrics) taking care to separate your colours and whites! We do not recommend that you tumble dry the shirt to prolong the life of the printing, let that sucker dry naturally. 

My shirt smells funny, is it off?

Please note that a faint odour is a natural occurrence in the direct-to-garment (DTG) printing industry. Typically, the odour will disappear after the first wash.

I'd really like this design on a shirt colour or style that you don't show - is this possible? 

If there's a design you like that you'd like on something different - drop us an email or message via Facebook and let's see what we can do! Happy to try and help if we can!